Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ya Big Baby

As I watch the news these days there are times I feel like a parent waiting for their child to finish a tantrum so we can get on with things. There’s no easy way to say this ….

We have become a nation of whining stubborn children.

Somewhere along the way we have lost our ability to accept what is. There were times our society was much more adult like. When things didn’t go well we were disappointed, but as most adults do, we moved on; accepting the reality of the situation and worked with what we had.

Not anymore. Now when things don’t go someone's way; it is filmed, posted on Facebook; and then wait for the result you want. Society takes care of the rest.

When I say society, I’m referring to the millions of people that say “OMG give that person what they want” from their Smartphone, Tablet or computer because it makes them feel relevant. In many cases these people are mindless. It's a pack mentality. One dog starts barking, the rest join in and they don't even know why they are barking, but they do it anyway.

The most recent episode being a guy that was dragged off a plane in Chicago. The plane was bound for Louisville and they oversold it. Airlines do this all the time, they have to. Because people don’t show up, they cancel. If they didn’t oversell they would be flying with planes that were emptier than they needed to be. They would lose money and they would have to pass that cost along to future ticket purchasers. So the choice is a simple one. Fly the planes with whomever shows up, and charge more for a ticket or overbook and keep the price down. It’s easier to sell a cheaper ticket, so we have the system we do.

It’s been done forever and it's no big secret; everyone knows it. No one should be surprised, it’s even printed on your ticket.  All you have to do is take the time to read the conditions. But why bother with the terms, right?

Then when **gasp**, the inevitable happens, the airlines are pretty fair about it. They offer you money and lodging if necessary if you are willing to take the next flight out. I know a family that actually made enough to pay for the plane fare for their next vacation by skipping a flight that was overbooked on their way home from their vacation. Two adults, three children; it was a windfall.

United asked twice for people to give up their seats. The first time they offered $400 and an overnight stay; no one accepted. The 2nd time $800 and an overnight stay; same result. So they had to go the computer and let it make the choice of who was going to give up their seat; it chose 4 people. Three of them were disappointed but they ended up collected their things, got up and deplaned. Make no mistake, they all got the $800 and the overnight stay.

Then there was one … he refused. He didn’t care what the ticket said, he didn’t care what was being offered and he didn’t care that he wasn’t in the right. He made up his mind just as any 5 year old would and said he wouldn’t leave.

So start the camera phone and wait for the police, because he was told he was going to be forcibly removed from the plane. He knew it was coming, (I believe) he knew someone would be filming, and he readied himself for what was coming.

So instead of acting like an adult; they had to literally drag him off the plane. He was screaming like a baby for all the world to see. I’d be willing to bet the video was posted before they got him to the end of the jetway.

It was shameful behavior, but as we all know; he will be richly rewarded for it. There were attorneys waiting/hoping for his call. While everyone else got $800 and an overnight stay he’s going to be rewarded with a big pile of money television appearances.

There was a day this wouldn’t have happened. It would have been considered rude and inconsiderate to refuse to get off that plane. He would have been looked down upon for that behavior. That would have been enough to cause him to behave like an adult. But now he can wear it as a badge of honor.

I actually hate to bring politics into it, but it’s no wonder with this type of societal culture that the Democratic Party has become the party of NO. It’s working for everyone else, why not them. Why not just plant your feet and resist instead of doing what the people who elected you expect them to do. What legislators have always done; debate, speak your mind, and try to find compromise.

The reason I bring up the political angle is not to slam the Democrats, the Republicans will practice it also. My simple point is that when this kind of behavior becomes the standard for the people that are supposed to be making the most important decisions in our government, we are truly on the road to ruin. Stay tuned, this is only the beginning. It’s going to get much worse. Eventually it WILL affect you. It’s only a matter of time …