Friday, January 27, 2017

From the Peanut Gallery

I have to admit opposition to Trump has become quite entertaining. It really boils down to this … the louder they yell, the less they’re being listened to. The humorous part is that they can’t seem to understand why.

I’ll even identify who I’m speaking of. If you have ever done the following on social media:
  • “Not my president”
  • “Trump is a misogynist, racist, homophobe”
  • “If you voted for Trump you are a misogynist, racist, homophobe”
  • “He didn’t win the popular vote, he shouldn’t be President”
  • “The Electoral College should not exist”
  • Used the term “pussy grabber”
  • Posted the image of the Obama/Trump Inauguration crowds side by side
  • Posted an image of Trump tinted orange
  • Can’t engage in a civil exchange with someone who voted for Trump
You are wasting your energy and time. For the next 4 years you should take up a hobby, like Doomsday Prepping. After all, aren’t you sure that's what’s going to happen?

I can’t blame you; your feelings are being echoed by the media, which seems to be fueling your anger. With the exception of Fox News and some conservative web sites, the media seems obsessed with showing Trump in a bad light.
As evidenced by what happened on day 5 of Trump’s Presidency:
  • By Executive Order he reactivated the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines. An extremely controversial project that had been halted by President Obama.
  • A report surfaced that many governmental agencies may be subject to a “gag order”
  • He removed the US from TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), also a very controversial action
  • He had instituted a federal hiring freeze
Yet at that day's Press conference what topic seemed to get focus? Questioning if Trump really believes that there is voter fraud and if so, will he call for an investigation. Clearly, just wanting to make it look like he’s obsessed with insignificant issues, while he should be focused on the business of running the country.

Did they not notice what he had done that day?

It’s like the press is saying “AHA! See, we TOLD you he wasn’t going to be a good President. All he cares about is his image. He’s not politician, he’s just a Reality TV star”

Exactly … that’s why he doesn’t care. He’s not a politician. I’ve come to the belief that he could care less if he’s re-elected. I believe he sees his Presidency as his service to the country. If it lasts 4 years, so be it. Make no mistake, during the time he has he will do what he feels he been tasked to do.

Scream all you want, the only people listening are those who agree with you. Your attempts to get your point across by demeaning and name-calling his supporters has gotten you tuned out. Your actions have made you look like a bully to these people and they are treating you as such.

Very few will stand up to a bully, most will choose avoidance. That’s what’s happening to you now. They’re going about their business. They’re not discussing politics at work and they’re watching Fox News at home.

So good luck with your strategy; you’re getting what you have earned. Try the Xanax, I heard its amazing …

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