Sunday, January 15, 2017

And the Substandard Performance Goes To ...

I owned a video store for 20 years. So I used to watch awards shows, even though I’ve never enjoyed them much. From an industry perspective, I understand the importance of the show. They are there to promote their industry by showcasing the best of the best and to occasionally give an “atta-boy” to the most respected in their industry. No one watches an awards show hoping to hear a narrative on politics.

Unfortunately, they are becoming exactly that; a platform for people who have no political relevance. I don’t say that to minimize their opinion. My issue is when and where they choose to give it. If you’re receiving an award for your abilities in music or acting, stick to that. I’m not interested in your opinion on global warming, the seals or politics.

The latest example comes from the Golden Globes, specifically Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech when receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievements. This is a BIG deal and has been given to the who’s who of Hollywood. Recent recipients include Denzel Washington, George Clooney, Woody Allen, Jodie Foster, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese.

Instead of discussing her art, she felt it was a better use of the time to enrich us all by expressing her disappointment in president-elect Donald Trump. Even my 82 year old mother, a life long Democrat who has never voted for a Republican and HATES Trump grunted while she changed the channel.

I have no issue with her opinion; she’s certainly entitled to it. My issue is with the disrespect she shows to the Golden Globes and the audience watching by hijacking the time given to her. The choice for who receives an award like this are taken seriously and not just given out to anybody. I’m sure the committee awarding this had the expectation that her acceptance speech would be about her experiences as an actor. Instead she choose to discuss how she felt about the President Elect.

What people like Streep don’t seem to understand is that we (the public) don’t care and have no need to know what they think about political issues. I’m also willing to bet that you’d have a difficult time finding anyone who has been moved to change their opinion on any political issue based on what a “celebrity” thought.

If they really wanted to get their opinion out there they should call a press conference. Why don’t they do that? It’s because no one would show up, that’s why.

These celebrities also run the risk that when someone sees their performance they may have a difficult time enjoying it, (or possibly even skipping it) because they hate their opinion on a particular subject or issue. There is no real upside for them, but they don’t seem to realize that or care.

But I suppose when you are in a profession that requires you to “play pretend” the majority of the time you must lose your ability to function in a “real world” …

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