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Why You Should Listen to the Spew (Why I didn't quit)

"Squeaky Chicken" from the the first Mentorist Podcast
next to the microphone I use for Podcasting.
The first episode of The Spew was Nov 11, 2010. I had been doing The Green Room since April 2008. By then I felt like I had a pretty good grasp of podcasting. On The Green Room I made sure I was not the story. It was always about the comedian being interviewed.

I felt like it was time to start speaking about myself, that maybe my story might be of interest.

I should have known better, at times my life could be pretty boring. Plus back then I was really not in a great place. I'm sure I was clinically depressed, my finances weren't good and my comedy career was slowly circling the drain. Add to that the fact that I'm actually a pretty private person and can't start any of my stories with "I'd been drinking all day"; I really didn't have much to say.

Just the same I started and have been doing my best to put out something weekly. To some of your credit, you've managed to stay with me ... at times. The journey has not been an easy one. I've floated all over the place with the podcast. At times I did it when I shouldn't. I've even fallen asleep while doing it, all of which I left in. Why? I don't know. "Keeping it real" sounds a little contrived. The truth is I'd rather someone be able to see me for what I am flaws and all. It also gives anyone that's truly interested the chance to see how I got here.

I have to say, here (right now) is a pretty good place.

I'd like to tell you I can remember when the podcast took the turn to where it is today but I don't. It has been over a year now. It wasn't anything that I had planned, it just happened. As the weeks went by, it continued to increase in frequency until it became a regular part of the show. Never planned or scripted, it just happened.

What is "it"?

"It" is the voice in my head or "The Voice" as I call it. "The Voice" among other things is my critical side, my negative side and my angry side.  "The Voice" believes it's my pragmatic side too. The reason is he thinks he's the "smart one". He's a bit of a "know it all" and a "back seat driver". He has an opinion on everything.

The Spew is an "unscripted" podcast, I do very little to prepare. Over the course of the week I write down topics that I want to talk about.  An example would be the topics for this weeks Spew:

Status of The Green Room and The Mentorist

What's going on with this podcast

Mason City
- Open Mic night
- Regular show

Rock & Roll Roulette

- When things go wrong
- Turning up the uncomfortable

I may or may not talk about all of those things. I don't write any scripts or great "one liner's". I sit down in front of the microphone and start talking.  The reason being I want the listener to feel like I am speaking with them. I don't want my words to sound prepared or contrived.

The same thing goes for "The Voice". There is no plan for what he's going to say. It comes out as I'm speaking, there is no preparation. No lines are written or scripted and nothing is pre-recorded. Think about the times in your life when you're doing or saying something and the voice in your head says "this really isn't a good idea"? That's what "The Voice" would say to me out loud.

By allowing "The Voice" to speak on the podcast, I give the listener a look at my fragile side. It's humorous and done without explanation as it happens. It's well worth the listen.

That's how I feel about doing the podcast. In all fairness, I feel like you should also hear from "The Voice". At least then you'll have a better idea of what to expect.

So for the purposes of why you might want to give The Spew a try what follows is what "The Voice" has to say about the podcast.

From "The Voice"

If you read this far I don't know how I can help you. Any normal person would have tapped out by now. I've always said the Vilmos has no business podcasting, now I can say that blogging is not for him either.

While Vilmos would like you to believe that I am a mean busy body know-it-all I can tell you that what I really am is the voice of reason. Let us not forget, I have to hear every single thing that goes through this man's mind. Someone has keep things in perspective. At times telling the truth is difficult but it's something I feel I must do.

So if you do decide to give The Spew a try remember, I'm here for you. It's a thankless job but one I feel needs to be done.

Your welcome!

The Voice

In conclusion.

I've been saying for some time now that The Spew is the most unique podcast on the Internet. No one else is doing what I am. That in itself should be enough of a reason for you to give it a listen.

Thanks in advance if you do!

Listen to The Spew episode this about here

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