Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just When I Thought I Was Out

Last week on my podcasts The Green Room and The Mentorist I announced that I would be ending both those podcasts along with my personal podcast The Spew. It was something that I had been thinking about for months.

In the 2 weeks leading up to the announcement I had not done my personal podcast The Spew. When the time came to record, I just didn't have it in me. I didn't realize it at the time but I had been pushing through The Green Room and The Mentorist for a while. Mostly because my cohosts Paul Curtis and Super Listener Scott Walker were expecting me to show up. Both have become friends and are very capable podcasters.

If I'm going to be honest, for those 2 weeks I hadn't done The Spew I was done with the other two; even though I didn't realize it at the time. Once that moment of clarity came to me, I thought I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I contacted Paul and Scott and explained what was going on. They were both extremely gracious and while they were both disappointed,  they understood. So we made the announcements on this past weeks episodes; next week both podcasts will have their final episode.

Which left The Spew, how was I going to end that?  Or was it already ended? Should I do a final show? I wasn't sure what to do, maybe I should just let it drift away, having no final show.

Since I was ending The Green Room I felt like I needed to get in touch with the other hosts on GreenRoomRadio web site. I didn't want them to think I was going to close down the site. When I talked with Geno Bisconte the (host of Geno's Pics) he voiced his disappointment in the ending of The Spew. Geno has alway been a fan of the show and didn't want to see me quit doing it. I had also received the same sentiment Scott Walker.

While I appreciated the sentiment, it didn't change my mind. I went about the business of doing the 2nd to last episodes of The Green Room and The Mentorist. Both shows went like they normally do and I'll admit I'm looking forward to the final shows this week. Not because it will be over. They will both be a little difficult, what I'm actually looking forward to is doing some reminiscing.

Then this past weekend I started thinking ... maybe I shouldn't quit doing The Spew. I'll tell you why in my next entry.

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