Saturday, November 29, 2014

[Insert Your Issue Here]

There's nothing that shows displeasure better
 than overturning and burning a car
No ones life is perfect. We all have things to be unhappy about. Call me unfeeling but I have a hard time supporting someone that feels their anger is righteous enough to destroy something that someone else worked hard for.

That includes police cars. Why does that bother me you ask? After all, the money didn't come out of MY pocket. Well actually it did and it came out of your pocket as well because we paid those cars and we will pay for their replacement. Through the taxes we pay we purchased them and paid for the insurance on them. So even though insurance will replace them, we'll pay for that too. It will be in higher insurance rates because God forbid an insurance company shoots for breaking even when it comes to their profits. After all, they're not in business to protect us. They are in business to protect their own interests. They're a money making machine. They have a CEO and board members to support. These people have to make a profit to pass along to their shareholders that will justify their salaries. That cannot be done if you are paying out claims (which reduce profit) and not passing that cost along to the people paying for the insurance ... us.

Now let me to the point I really want to make.

I suspect that the majority of the rioters for [Insert Your Issue Here] are in the lower income tax brackets. Why do I say that? It's nothing scientific and I don't have any concrete evidence. I just have the pictures I see.

What I don't see in these picture? Anyone wearing Versace, Armani or Gucci. I also have not seen one Prada handbag. I wonder why? For the record; I did not see one gentleman overturning a car or throwing a Molotov Cocktail wearing a suit much less a tie. Why is it that most of the people rioting look like they buy their clothes at Walmart and Target? 

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with shopping at Walmart or Target, it's where I do most of my shopping. I'm just pointing out that people who have moved up the ladder and are doing well are shopping at other stores. I think a lot of those stores are in malls and I would be happy to tell you where but truthfully I don't know. Since I live under the assumption that what I make now is pretty much all I'm ever going to make I have no interest in trying to figure out where I can shop if I happen to move into a higher tax bracket. I have no interest in torchering myself.

Call me jaded ... but I really think very little of the rioting is coming from a true feeling of injustice. I'm not saying there aren't people protesting [Insert You Issue Here]  because they truly believe there has been an injustice done. I just think that the majority of the people protesting (particularly those rioting) do so because they're pissed off and envious.

They're pissed off about their own life. They're busting their ass (or not) day to day and not getting anywhere. They're in a job (maybe) that doesn't pay much and they resent the entire system for it. So if they can't have things, then no one should have things. They are envious of people that have things and the things they have.These things must be destroyed or stolen whenever the opportunity permits. [Insert Your Issue Here] is a great excuse to get together with like minded people in your income bracket to even things up a little and blow off some steam.

So in the end I believe this is mostly about money. Everyone wants a lot of it but not so many are willing to go through what it takes to make it. Like getting a real education and working hard.

I wish just once when people protest/riot about [Insert Your Issue Here] that a municipality would just put up a perimeter around where the protest/riot is planned. Tell all the participants they they will be able to go into the area to protest, loot, pillage and destroy anything they like. They just have to answer the following questions:
  1. Your highest level of education
  2. Are you employed?
  3. If the answer to #1 was YES  are you a Blue or White Collar Worker
  4. If the answer to #1 was YES  how much did you make last year
I don't think anyone would be surprised at how this survey would come out. People that are doing well financially have much more important things to worry about than [Insert Your Issue Here]. They know that they can have anything they put their minds to. They know that success is earned. You can't just demand that society to give you what you want.

When they want something or something doesn't go their way you won't see these people out protesting. They don't burn anything down. They are working on coming up with a plan and putting in the effort to get what they want or get their way.

Foolish motivated people, can't they see there's an easier way?