Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day is for ...


Let's be honest. Valentines day is a day every women looks forward to and every man dreads.

I was watching the girlie segment of the Today Show (everything after 9:00AM) and they were having a huge discussion about how important Valentines Day was.

Do you think there were any men there? Absolutely not.

And why is this?

Because we don't care, Valentines Day has a responsibility for us. We find no joy in it. We never know if we are going to get it right. Is what we do too much or not enough? Were we supposed to get a card, candy, flowers, or jewelry? Are we supposed to make you breakfast in bed or take you out to dinner?

Or is it all of the above just to be safe?

Do you girls get us something? Sure. Do we care? No.

You want to get us something we really want for Valentines Day? Tell us you are not going to observer it ... ever!

So why does Valentines Day even exist? If you really do love your partner/spouse/squeeze shouldn't you be letting them know that on a regular basis anyway?

Who came up with this day of observance? Was it a religious holiday to commemorate St. Valentine, the patron saint of love?

Or maybe it came from the Greek calendar and has been celebrated since the beginning of time.

Could it be the real truth is that FTD is responsible for all this?

I was really hoping it would be FTD, but it is actually based on a Christian holiday ... rats! There is no humor in that.

So even though this day may be based on tradition, I don't think anyone ever intended for it become such a one sided day.

It's like you girls get an extra birthday every year and that's not fair!

When you combine that with Mothers Day that gives you girls 3 days a year where you are showered with attention and gifts.

What do we get? Our birthday because no one cares about Fathers day, it's a non event.

And the truth is only the tool stores are disappointed that Fathers Day didn't take hold. Because men don't care about Fathers Day.

The sad truth is most men don't care about any day unless it includes sex. And I mean enthusiastic sex, not the OK I'll put out because I "have to" sex.

That's no fun for anyone.

So girls I hope you put on your sexiest stuff and did the right thing ...