Monday, November 05, 2007

Putting the Dog out

Here we go again.....

This months victim? Duane (pronounce duh-Wayne) "Dog" Chapman. He's the bounty hunter guy that has the series on A&E.

What did he do?

He used the "N" word.

And where did he do this? On his show? In a public appearance? Was he at a restaurant belittling some poor employee?

Actually, it was in a private conversation on the phone with his son.

So why does the world know?

Because his son taped the conversation and sold it for $15,000.

So much for blood being thicker than water, but I'm not surprised. Duh-Wayne has 11 children from 4 different women, so the blood in his family has got to be running pretty thin.

This happened when Duh-Wayne was speaking with his 8th child Tucker about his black girlfriend. Here's a transcript of what was said.

Duane "Dog" Chapman: I don't care if she's a Mexican, a whore or whatever. It's not because she's black, it's because we use the word nigger sometimes here. I'm not gonna take a chance ever in life of losing everything I've worked for for 30 years because some fucking nigger heard us say nigger and turned us in to the Enquirer magazine. Our career is over! I'm not taking that chance at all! Never in life! Never! Never! If Lyssa [Dog's daughter] was dating a nigger, we would all say 'fuck you!' And you know that. If Lyssa brought a black guy home ya da da... it's not that they're black, it's none of that. It's that we use the word nigger. We don't mean you fucking scum nigger without a soul. We don't mean that shit. But America would think we mean that. And we're not taking a chance on losing everything we got over a racial slur because our son goes with a girl like that. I can't do that Tucker. You can't expect Gary, Bonnie, Cecily, all them young kids to [garbled] because 'I'm in love for 7 months' - fuck that! So, I'll help you get another job but you can not work here unless you break up with her and she's out of your life. I can't handle that shit. I got 'em in the parking lot trying to record us. I got that girl saying she's gonna wear a recorder...

Tucker Chapman: I don't even know what to say.

Author's note: So for the record, I hate the "N" word. I've always found it objectionable and have never used it.

This audio is all over the net and the news right now. A&E has taken his series off the air. Duh-Wayne is apologizing everywhere he can in an effort to do some damage control.

Basically, his life is ruined.

Does anyone see the irony here?

The guy is being crucified because he was trying to minimize his exposure for using a word (certainly in a derogatory fashion) that he knows will get him in trouble if he's heard using it.

But it ends up being his discussion of the word (and his pissed off son) that put him right into the fires of "Political Correctness".


I'm not defending Duh-Wayne here either. If I judge him on his tirade he is a racist asshole and a weak father.


I continue to be offended by the power "political correctness" has been given. Especially with the "N" word.

The people that use this word as a hammer in the fight against racism are the biggest hypocrites on this planet. Because the use of this word is common place in the African-American community and is done so with penalty. I have pointed out before that artists have made MILLIONS using that word and don't think twice about it.

But have some trailer trash white guy use it in a sentence and you would have thought he just murdered 10 babies in cold blood smiling while their mother was watching.

And don't talk to me about how the word used in the community ends in an "a" instead of "er". That doesn't make it any different.

That same community also says "ax" when they really mean "ask". Changing the pronunciation slightly does not make a compelling argument.

Ironically we learning the answer to this problem when we were 6 and first started going to school. We would be in the school yard, kids would be saying mean things to us and we would say:

"Sticks and stone may break my bones but words can never hurt me!"

Is it really that hard to come up with what is really going on here? This isn't about using a racial slur. It's about a group of people using whatever they can to flex their political muscle. Proving they have power, just like the school yard bully.

At some point the cycle needs to be stopped.

The African-American community is not the only community that has been treated unfairly. History tells us that every race at one time or another has been a target.

And yes, that mean white people. Most of the "White People" in the United States are descendents of families that originated in Europe.

Ever hear of the Crusades? I know that was about religion, but it was white people they were punishing. And it was because "some people" were using the word "God" to mean something other than what "some people" thought it should be used for.

Sound familiar?

So get over yourselves! Quit allowing someone to have power over you because of the words you use. I say if we are going to hate someone we hate the people that started all this.

I say we hate the Catholics.....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Please pass the juice

When they get caught they really sound sorry, don't they?

So this time it's Marion "I thought it was flax seed oil" Jones that after being caught dead to rights admitted that she had used steroids.

Does this really surprise anyone?

I don't mean to sound like I don't believe anything but some of today's athletes are performing at super human levels. They have to have some "help". Winning is everything because there is a lot at stake.

After Jones won her medals in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney she became a millionaire. Since she was now recognized as great runner, she became famous.


So why wouldn't  she do whatever was necessary to win.

And she would have happily continued to live the lie but could no longer do so because the evidence against her became overwhelming.

So what did she do. The honorable thing of course and admitted to all of it. Now she has given back her Olympic medals.

Not because it was the right thing to do, but because doing so will be in her best interest.

Why you ask?

Because she is broke right now and this will create a whole new income stream for her. The lucrative speakers circuit.

Right now former Olympic athletes  are getting $10,000 + for an appearance. I'm sure that now, hers will be much more. After all there is so much more for her to talk about. And everyone loves to hear about tragedy.

I checked a few of the booking agencies and found that her fee is now "call for a quote" which means "we are getting a lot more than we used to".

Then there will be the books, television appearances; maybe a movie; and the press she will get from the tabloids.

She's going to make another fortune!

She may have had to do a "mea culpa" to get all this but the fame from winning the medals had already dwindled. There wasn't any more money in it.

This puts her back in the spotlight again.

P.T. Barnum had it right when he said ""I don't care what they write about me as long as they spell my name right."

Because it doesn't matter anymore. Any press you receive, good or bad seems to result in fame. Which translates to dollars.

If she was really sorry, we'd never hear from her again.

Like that will ever happen.....

Sunday, October 07, 2007

11.6 Million, Really?

You have got to be kidding me! For those of you that haven't seen, here is the story.....

Source: October 2, 2007
A federal jury has found that a former executive of the New York Knicks was sexually harassed by her bosses, including coach Isiah Thomas. Anucha Browne Sanders will receive $11.6 million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages from Madison Square Garden, her former employer.

Browne Sanders was once the Knicks' vice president of marketing and business operations. She testified that she was repeatedly cursed at and hit on. Thomas denied cursing at Browne Sanders but said he cursed around her. In a deposition, Thomas said that a white man calling a black woman a "bitch" was worse than a black man doing the same. A season ticket holder testified that he saw Thomas put his arm around Browne Sanders and compliment her appearance, causing Sanders to grow uncomfortable.

Thomas was not found liable for punitive damages after the trial, but the jury decided that he had harassed Browne Sanders, herself a former college basketball star.

Before some of you get you panties in a bunch, of course hitting on someone in the work place is wrong. And yes, I believe that behavior like that should be punished. But 11.6 MILLION!

And did you look at the picture? The story says she was a former college basketball star. What did she do? Hold up the net? She looks like Frankenstein had sex with a werewolf! I really can't even believe that anyone was hitting on her. She should be giving thanks to whatever God she worships that some idiot made that mistake.

At this time of writing she is 44 years old. To say that she will never have to work again is an understatement. If she was to continue to work until age 65 that means this settlement is the same as her making $552,000 a year for the next 21 years. Now in all fairness she was making $260,000 a year before she quit. Should she make TWICE her salary for the rest of her working life because she had to listen to cursing and occasionally have some guy hit on her?

In a statement she said "hers was a victory for all working women"

Because your average working woman that is getting hassled by her co-workers is really going to be able to afford to bring a lawsuit that will get her an 11.5 million dollar reward? Most of these women are lucky to be able to stick it out at their crappy job long enough to find another one.

The shame of all this is that this happens to woman all the time, every where they go. I don't want to sound callous girls but most of you already know how to handle this kind of behavior from stupid men.

How many times have you had some idiot approach you out of nowhere. I know when I owed the video store I would hear about 50 year old men hitting on the 18 year old girls that worked for me. 18! I can't imaging being able to have a conversation with a girl that age, much less sustain one long enough to try to convince her to sleep with me.

It just goes to show you how incredibly self centered and stupid some men are. They are so focused on their own gratification that they will hit on any woman at any time. Even when they know they have no chance or are incompatible.

Since these men are really just wasting the air we breath losing them is really no great loss to society. We should put these idiots into dangerous/difficult occupations.

They could be......

Bomb disposal experts - We just tell them that there is a woman in the building that wants to screw him but she won't be able to get into the mood until the bomb is disabled. If he actually manages to disable to bomb, good for him.

Mine sweeper - There are still many land mines in this world and we have been working for years to locate them, dig them up and properly dispose of them. Just tell these idiots there is a woman on the other side of the field that wants to have sex with them. Either we get a clear path or find a mine. Sounds right to me.

Search & Rescue - Tell them there's a woman out there that wants him. If for some reason they get lost and never come back,. No big deal.

There are many more worthwhile ways to use these idiots but why should I repeat myself. I've made my point.

Stiff Dick = Idiot

Back to our blog......

So if 11.6 million is too much what would be a fair punishment? Maybe he should be made to walk the perimeter of Madison Square Gardens naked wearing nothing but a sandwich board. The board would have a picture of Browne Sanders and caption that read "I'd hit it for 11.6 million".

Or they could play "she loves me, she loves me not" with his pubic hairs. Not a bad answer but he may be into that.

Maybe the right answer give the woman a reasonable monetary settlement. Then ban the stupid ass that harassed her from working (and getting paid) until his victim is able to get a job that is equal to the one that she had to give up.

I know, it would never work.....

Friday, September 28, 2007

Vilmos Branyik M.D

This blog is not about me, but is about my father who passed away yesterday; September 27, 2007.

He was 91 years old and had had a good life. I couldn't be any prouder of him. I am grateful he was my father.

He was born in Hungary February 19, 1916 and was the youngest in a large family. He came to the United States at the end of World War II. His hope was to establish a life for himself and his family here.

When he came to this country he was able to speak, read and write 12 languages; English was not one of them.

So even though he was a doctor and surgon in Europe he had to be an orderly in an hospital in Peoria Illinois while he learned to speak, read and write English well enough to take the exams to become a Doctor in this country.

So for a year he changed sheets and bed pans, never complaning that the work was beneath him. He was happy to be in America.

After becoming licensed he needed to find a place to work. Back then people from middle Europe (specifically anyone that looked or sounded German) were not well liked and treated a lot like we now treat people from the middle east.

So when it came time for him to be placed in a town to work he didn't get one of the choice assignments. He was sent to Dunlap Illinois. A town of about 500 people outside of Peoria.

Back then it was illegal and considered unethical to advertise. So he opened an office and waited for people to come in. And even though he was different the people of Dunlap embraced him and he became their doctor. He took care of their needs and delivered their baby's. He was as much a part of the town as anyone that had grown up there.

It was there that he met his wife (my mother) Karen. He met her at an ice cream social. The were married in 1956 and remained married until the day he passed.

I followed a year later in 1957 and my brother Vince came into this world in 1959.

We moved to Chicago in 1968 because my father was invited to teach other Doctors at a very prestigious hospital there. But he grew tired of teaching and missed being a family doctor.

So in 1970 our family moved to Zion Illinois where he again started a family practice. In 1976 when he was 60 and most people are looking forward to retirement, he was still as busy as ever. Not to make money, just because he wanted to help people. He lived a very simple life then, making his daily rounds in the morning, seeing patients all day and then making rounds in the nursing homes in the late afternoon before dinner.

In 1980 he and my mom moved to Abingdon Illinois. He had gotten a job at the Galesburg Mental Health and Research hospital. He took the job because being in private practice had become too stressful for him. He was 64 at the time and (as always) was very attached to his patients. Whenever one of his patients in the nursing home would pass on he would be depressed for days. When one of his patients was pregnant and close to delivery he wouldn't sleep well for days and be on edge waiting for "the call". He always charged just enough to cover his expenses and never sent anyone to a collection agency. If they couldn't pay he figured if they didn't pay they just couldn't. I remember when the father of a baby he had just delivered approached him to tell tell him that with all the expenses of having a baby he couldn't afford to pay his bill. My father told him not to worry about it, that his family was more important. But the new father's pride wouldn't allow him to accept that so with my father protesting every time he did it he washed the windows at my fathers office for months.

In 1989 at age 73 the hospital that my father worked at closed. He didn't want to retire but was too old to start another practice and was unable to find anywhere else close to work. My father needed another year working for the state to be eligible for their retirement. That was an important to him as he never made a lot of money in private practice and the retirement plan the state of Illinois provided was very important to him.

So at 75 it looked like he wasn't going to have any retirement. But then......

Someone found out about the year he worked as an orderly when he first came to this country and in a strange twist of fate that year counted towards his retirement and put him 3 days over 10 years.

He ended up retiring with a full pension from the state. After being a doctor for 50 years and worrying about everyone else he was able to finally take time for himself.

So what did he do? Travel, pick up a new and exciting hobby?

He just stayed home to be with my mom and their dogs. He bought a lawn tractor and fooled around in the yard and loved every minute of it.

You see, my father was a simple man with simple needs. We never lived in a fancy house or had fancy things. We lived pretty much like any other middle class family. My father never had a car for less than 10 years and they were always a plain station wagon with an AM radio. The only luxury he allowed himself was an automatic transmission.

Growing up with my father was different. Because of his commitment to his work he was gone a lot and when he was home he spent a lot of time reading medical journals to keep himself current. A habit he continued into his late 80's.

The best times I had with my father were our family vacations. We would take 2 - 3 weeks off and travel from our home in Illinois to the upper peninsula of Michigan to a small resort with 3 cabins on a lake. There were no phones, no television and nothing for a young person to do but fish and swim.

For my father it was total freedom. No one to call during the middle of the night, no one to worry about and no schedule. I think those were the happiest times of his life. They were the only times I ever saw him completely relaxed and able to have a good time.

The last year of his life was not easy for him. While he was fortunate enough to have pretty good health he had lost most of his sight and hearing. It was difficult and frustrating for him to function day to day.

I was happy to be close to him when he went and I know that his passing was quick and painless. He didn't seem to suffer at all. I can't say enough good things about the people at the hospital and from his church that took care of him in his final hours. They knew he was a Doctor and treated him with the respect that title means in a hospital.

So even though he gone from this earth much of him remains. So many are better off for knowing him.

Especially me.....