Saturday, July 29, 2006

Some People Never Learn

You'd think that after all that happened She who must not be named would just give it a rest. So I suppose since she is still at it I might as well give you who may give a shit an update.....

I knew when this all started that she wouldn't be able to stop stalking me, it's just not in her character to do so. Even now (and she told me this herself) she continues to stalk a guy she ended a relationship with well over a year ago.

Even girls in high school know when to quit. I suppose that tells you a lot about her.

So she continues to snoop around my life and try to find find people to help her in her quest for revenge. More about that later.

She has even written a blog about me. Thank God there has only been one. Not because I am worried about anything she might say (I'm not). It's just that her writing (and spelling) leave something to be desired.

Below is a blog she posted on June 24. She is attempting to rebut what I said in my blog A Fairy Tale on June 23.

If you have not read it yet click here.

You'd think that she could at least come up with something original instead of copying my format.

Here it is with my comments (in blue).....

A VILe Fairytale

Is this great or what! She started out with a real zinger in the title! She took the first part of my name and added the letter "e" and it makes the word "vile". She is so clever!

The only problem is no one knows me as Vil and if you want to do it right it should be
VILMOSe so the name stands out.

Once upon a time......

There was a good woman loyal to her friends and honest to a fault.

Honest to a fault? I suppose so if you consider making up fake profiles on dating sites to stalk your ex-boyfriend honest I'll give you that one.

One day while she was minding her own business playing backgammon (and stalking her ex-boyfriend) on her computer she got a message from a little troll trying to be funny.
I don't "try" to be funny. I am in fact very funny. She seemed to enjoy my blogs. Here is a comment she made on one of my blogs:

"Looks like Mongo is getting some mail....I sent the address of your blog to him telling Him "hey your famous....check it out" I felt like this was the thing to It was really nice of him to give you another topic for your halarious blogs...just thought he deserved some credit for"

Posted by She who must not be named on Sunday, May 07, 2006 at 8:33 AM

Note: The above is an exact quote

He seemed to be nice enough and called her all the time and emailed her about what a nice troll he was.

I never said I was nice. I just am just who I am. I think that if anyone takes the time to read my blogs they can tell I don't consider myself "nice". And I object to the use of "troll". A troll is someone on the Internet that is anonymous. I am far from that.

Being a good woman she tried to over look the VILe way the troll looked and wanted to see the good in him.

Is she calling me ugly?

So she decided to date the little troll.

She practically begged me to go out with her.

After a while she became bored with the little troll because it seemed the trolls business of harvesting mushrooms was going bad and he had little time to spend with the woman.

Again she speaks about my personal business. Not a very nice thing to do.

But in reality the troll was talking to another woman, good and as kind as she was.

I was talking to my Imaginary Girlfriend. I have a nice little blog on her but I'm saving it for a time when enough people will see it. And here what My Imaginary girlfriend thought of She who must not be named:

Date: May 29, 2006 8:38 AM She who must not be named

First off ... good morning,

Between 6:58 and 7:24 I have gotten 5 emails from Sinnndy... I don't know what they say, because I don't want to open them , if I do she will know I am online....I left Myspace open last night , forgot to close it after we got off the phone... so I was automatically logged in for the day when I did get on about 30minutes ago... so I am sure she is wigging out wondering why I am not responding to her...

I decided at this point to put off writing her an email until tomorrow... first, because I just want to have a quiet day with the kids after the weekend, and she has today off and LOTS of time on her hands to be pissed off and feeling rejected... so I will leave it at that. The only thing that will change that, is if I get a bunch of phone calls from her...Then I will be forced to write her a scathing rejecting... leave me the fuck alone you psycho ... Letter

That's friendship for you!

He told the other woman that he was in love with her and wanted to spend his life with her. Promising to let her ride his tricycle and call it their tricycle.

First of all it's a Harley. No self respecting troll would ride a tricycle. And anyone that knows anything about motorcycles (or Harley riders) knows I would have never offered to share my Harley. It's mine, all mine!

Telling her that they were soul mates and that their love would last forever. All along the little troll was still talking to the 1st woman and calling her his girlfriend.

I never called She who must not be named my girlfriend and I never committed myself to her. She is the one that wanted that. That is really what this is all about. My not wanting her.

I know now that I should have kept dating her, I made a big mistake. Who wouldn't want someone that was stalking their ex-boyfriend, having the police come by her house because his tires are all flat and practices "black magic"?

What a find!

Well one day the two women met and they were instant friends.

Did you read the above email?

The two women decided That the Troll was evil and would someday get everything that he deserved. Witch of course would all be VILe.

This is where the fairy tale takes a turn. This is where my Imaginary Girlfriend gets pissed and turns She who must not be named onto me like a Doberman on a fresh steak.

So the little troll was angered that he had been caught by the two women in his lies so he began to write blogs about them and all his other little trolls that think he is funny Were believeing all his lies and that made the little troll very happy because once again he gets to decieve people and that is what the little troll loves most.

I was angered by all the stalking and the blogs were very well received. Too bad they got my profile deleted. Even so, I saved all my comments and am going to post them on my site real soon.

But what the Little Troll didn't know that because of his blogs the women were being contacted by some of his mushroom business associates . The associates told them stories of just how vile the little troll was. And that this was not the first time the little troll did such a thing.

That's so untrue. I would love to have She who must not be named come up with anything that substantiates this. I already know she can't.

We'll deal with "mushroom business associates" in a minute.

The two women had very much in common (they are both psychotic) and now they and their children are family (Prozac sales should be increasing) and NO little Troll will ever tare their friendship apart. And they lived happily ever after.

Yes, they have plenty in common. Mental illness and a hate for me. Now there's a friendship that will last forever!

Moral of the Story: Stay away from little Trolls that continue to try to prove they are nice Trolls because they are really VILe.

The real moral of the story. Stay away from psychotic women on MySpace.

Now back to the blog.....

So what has happened since the last blog on this you ask?

Well she is still emailing people on my friends list and telling them things that are just untrue. All the while she claims I am fueling the fire when I specifically have gone out of my way to not say anything.

So this blog will be fuel on the fire, but I don't care.

She went way over the line recently when she contacted someone that is in a position of authority at a business I do computer work with. She is working with this person to try to keep me from working for that business. And they are one of my major accounts! So She who must not be named is trying to actually prohibit me from earning a living!

That's the kind of person I am dealing with.

Well her and her new friend got nowhere with their attempt. I have been doing computer work for them for years and have always done a good job. I also have a great working relationship with management there and when this employee that is in league with She who must not be named started her campaign I was able to quickly put an end to that. In fact it ended up being her friend who got in trouble.

So who's the troll now?

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