Tuesday, June 13, 2006

MySpace Drama! - Part II

Authors note: The name of the offending party has NOT been changed to protect the "guilty".

As many of you know I've been having a little MySpace drama for the past couple of weeks.

It continues but now it is over my blog "MySpace Drama". If you have not read it click the link below to do so.

Click here to view MySpace drama

That blog was very well received and the comments that were posted (which have since been removed) to it were overwhelming positive. This of course angered the person the blog was about.

I would also imagine she was pretty pissed that I had a link to send her mail on the blog and I'm pretty sure she got quite a bit. Now some of you are thinking "Why do that? I mean, isn't that just mean?" Well on the surface it would look that way. Like I am trying to bully her. The reality of the situation is completely different.

The reason I posted a link to her email is that she has been contacting people privately and trying to discourage them from supporting my comedic efforts. So I figure if she is going to do that it is only fair that she hear hear what people think of her actions.

Why would she do this you ask? I have to tell you at this point I am not sure and I am not even going to venture a guess. But just for the record here are a couple of the emails that have been forwarded to me.....

This was sent to a man in Albuquerque:

XXXX, you were right in your first assumption about Vilmos he is anything but a good human being he is manipulative and false. He made up a false identity to hurt me. just look what he did to that poor Mongo guy just because that poor man didn't want him as a friend he blogged him and put his profile out for the world to see and make fun of him. He and i dated for a while and I broke up with him recently because he had no time for me....he made up a false identity as a woman and put a comment on his page saying that they had plans on a trip...I wanted to know if maybe i should go to a doc to get checked out at the docs so i wrote this girl to see if they had been sleeping together and it was him....he is a sick individual and i would really like to get the word out that he is. Cindy

What she is referring to is a profile from my MySpace Experiment blog. If you would like to read it, click on the link below.

Click here to view the My MySpace Experiment blog

If you don't want to take the time here is a short synopsis. At the beginning of May I created 3 profiles in New York City. I used the same information in each blog. The only difference was the picture. One was a very pretty woman, one was real hunk of a guy and the last one was me. The point of the blog was to see who got the most attention. Of course, the girl won.

But when I discovered that Cindy was contacting people I wanted to know what she was saying. So I posted a comment from the girls profile asking if we were still on for our trip. Within an hour Cindy sent an email to this profile which not only included my personal email address, it also contained some personal emails I exchanged with her discussing my business finances.

So when I called her on it she of course did what many people caught doing something wrong do. She screamed like a banshee and escalated the entire situation. And about her Mongo comment if you need to read the Mongo blogs they are below.

Link to the Mongo Angry blog
Link to the Mongo Gone blog

And just for the record, here are her comments on the Mongo blog, she was real broke up about it.....

Looks like Mongo is getting some mail....I sent the address of your blog to him telling Him "hey your famous....check it out" I felt like this was the thing to do...lol. It was really nice of him to give you another topic for your halarious blogs...just thought he deserved some credit for it...lol

Here are her comments on the Mongo Gone blog.....

Your just too sentimental Vilmos...try to dry your tears.....qerryeywyesyhfdjtfygkgkll....see...now your choking me up...lol

You can see she was real worried back then when Mongo was receiving mail which commented on his behavior. In fact she sent mail to him, but she doesn't want to be held to the same standard. Funny how that works.

Here is another letter from one of my MySpace friends.

I got a message from Cindy, stating that you were "lieing" about her sending anything to anyone. She denies it all, but the way she spells lying makes me curious and the fact that she didn't request me as a friend until you two parted ways. I said I would accept her as a friend if she didn't want to talk about you. I'll bet she doesn't reply. Be careful with her, I've know a D.J. on the radio who had a stalker that just wouldn't leave him alone. To the point where he carried a gun for fear of what she might try to do. I'm not saying that Cindy would do that, but hell who knows. 75 days didn't show her true colors until you broke it off with her. Just be careful, OK? Your Non-obsessive friend, XXXXX

And here's another.....

hey bro.. when are you doing your next show? and hey I forgot to tell you..some crazy chick wrote me a message talkin shit about you..lol.. she was like.. you should delete him.. he's a liar and blah blah blah.. I said well him and I have helped each other a little and I am not goin gto delete him.. haha

There are more but as you can see she has been contacting people on my friends list. In fact I image that many of you that posted a comment were contacted in her attempt to make me look bad.

For the record that's OK with me. I can substantiate everything I have written, and she cannot. Plus if you notice I have not once called her a name. The only comments I have made have been about her behavior, which I think is deplorable.

So here is what has happened since I have posted the blog.

She has been complaining profusely to the folks at MySpace with a goal of getting my profile deleted.

She has also been threatening me through her friends. Here is an email I received just yesterday.

Well you had enough sense to pull your pointless and waste of space blog down last night. But you have posted it back up. Here is the deal Cindy has some dirt on you. I haven't seen yet...I wouldn't mind a good laugh (I need one). Either A. you take down the blog and she will call it truce with you and it will be the end of everything no more backstabbing BS. Or B. You can leave your petty immature "scripture" up there and not only will Cindy post your name and email such as you did in your blog. I have a Denver group with a little over 1500 people in. I will post your business (because you are a professional comic right) all over my group letting them know what an immature cry baby sally you are, oh and the funk that Cindy has on you as well....That will be some good reading there like a pack of wolves over there mmmmk so I really hope you pick B because that would be the smart thing to do. Oh one more thing buddy SHE DUMPED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be your last warning MMMMMMMK :::::::HUGS::::::::

OK, it's not much of a threat. It looks like it was written by someone is high school doesn't it? But still, she's trying and that's a problem in itself.

So yesterday I received an email from Cindy that said she wanted to call a truce because I "bored her". Well that's fine with me except I can't really call a truce when I'm not attacking her. She has been the aggressor all along. I have merely brought her actions to light in an effort to have her stop what she was doing and make people aware that when they are contact by her she has an agenda.

Well, the truce lasted all of 20 or so hours. She has already posted a blog referencing her "truce" and asking her friends to comment on whether or not I should take down my blog about her.

So here's the deal, I will let you all make the decision for me. But before you do I would ask you to go back and take a look at the blog. You will see that I have taken out the link to her email, there is no reference to her profile, there is no picture of her and no way for a person to figure out who she is.

At this point the blog is my side of the story, something I am entitled to if she continues to contact the people on my friends list.

So I'd like to hear your opinion, should the blog stay or go. Please post what you think. If the comments are overwhelming to get rid of it, I will.

Only one comment per customer please.....

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