Friday, June 23, 2006

A Fairy Tail

Once upon a time.....

There was a comedian that just wanted to make people happy. He lived in a building that was always being remodeled. So there was a lot of clutter.

He lived there with his 3 children; The Ponderer, Miss Sensitivity, and The Keeper. There were all a happy family.

His children got on MySpace and the comedian had heard bad things about it so he joined MySpace to keep up with his kids. They were horrified!

Then while the comedian was traveling the country making people laugh he heard that MySpace was a good way to promote himself . He thought why not, I could give that a try. Besides, embarrassing his kids by being on MySpace was beginning to get old.

So he worked really hard at making a profile that people would like. He started to write a blog that people liked to read. A lot of people added him as their friend. It made him happy. It started to make a difference when he made appearances. More people would come to see him because they knew him from MySpace.

In just a couple short months he had 3,500 friends and over 300 people reading his blog every day. Everyone was very happy.

It was while he was on MySpace he met She who must not be named. She lived in a forest (OK, a duplex next to the highway). The sound of cars passing by 24 hours a day had slowly drove her mad. She had her own Crystal Ball and practiced black magic. Even though he already had an Imaginary Girlfriend he thought She who must not be named was a nice girl and decided to date her.

But things didn't work out......

It was too late when he found out she was evil and had been stalking his account the entire time they knew each other. Then She who must not be named found his Imaginary Girlfriend who was also evil.

That is when the dark times started.....

His Imaginary Girlfriend told She who must not be named things that were not true. This angered She who must not be named and she started to email his friends on MySpace and told them his personal information. She told them things like what his regular email address was and how his business was doing.

This made the comedian angry so he started writing about it in his blog. The people on his friends list started to forward the emails they were receiving from She who must not be named. They started to post comments telling She who must not be named how stupid she was being. This made She who must not be named even angrier.

Why didn't anyone get emails from the Imaginary Girlfriend you ask? It is because she was working behind the scenes to fuel She who must not be named's anger. You see the Imaginary Girlfriend is two-faced and manipulative. The entire time the Imaginary Girlfriend was making She who must not be named angrier she was mocking her in emails with the comedian.

When harassing the nice people on his friends list didn't work, they turned to MySpace. She who must not be named and her friends complained and complained and complained. Eventually the elves at MySpace said "enough already, quit bugging us" and deleted the comedians profile.

This made She who must not be named, the Imaginary Girlfriend, and all their friends VERY happy.

The comedian was sad but determined so he rebuilt his profile but alas, after posting one blog to explain what happened he was deleted again.

So the comedian rebuilt his profile one more time and posted his first blog which was a fairy tale.

And he and his friends lived happily ever after.


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