Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dating Guide For Beautiful People - Part II

If you read my last blog entry you'll remember I got off track in my quest to explain to you really attractive people why you should be dating us average looking folk.

So me get back to my point, why you should be dating an average looking person.

It's been my observation that most people are looking to date someone they feel is at least as attractive as they are. Which means that as a rule us average looking folk have no chance with you attractive people. Now I'm not saying it never happens. We've all seen a couple that made us wonder "How did those two get together?" It's because a very attractive person was able to figure out average was a much better choice.

And here's why.....

You know how your Facebook inbox is always full and you always have friend requests? When you are on a date it doesn't matter who you are with. In the back of your mind you always know there plenty more choices if this one doesn't work out. Don't you think that attractive person you are looking across the table at is thinking the same thing? Face the facts, you are on the bubble just like us average looking folk.

Because just as sure as you are going to say NEXT if they accidental pass gas on the date they will do the same to you if you chew too loudly at dinner.

And I can tell you this.

Any average person you might date would gladly sit at a table with their eyes watering because you had the worse gas on the planet. And if you asked them why they were crying they would tell you they were tears of joy, that they are just happy to be in the same room as you. That's the kind of commitment an average looking person brings into a relationship when they are dating a very attractive person of the opposite sex.

Can you say the same?

Are you willing to max your credit cards out to take your date out for a spectacular evening? Knowing that you will be eating macaroni and cheese for weeks because you will have to pay the cards down far enough to have a few more of these dates? I can tell you that your average looking person will. I know I personally have survived on tomato soup made out of ketchup for 2 weeks to save up enough money to take a hot girl out.

Wouldn't it be nice for the person you are dating to call you when they say they will? Show up on time? Not cancel the date they made with you because "something else" came up. Don't you want to feel like you are the most important thing in someone else's world. That's what you get dating an average looking person. They are soooo happy to be dating you they will make sure to be punctual and hold up their commitments. Never again will your plans have to change.

And they will be there for whatever you may need. What do you need? No problem, we average looking people are here for you. Being with you makes it all worthwhile.

And the sex? Well I can promise you it will be great! Imagine someone that is there just for you. Because we know we have to really make you happy. We want you to come back for more. It's not all about your pleasure, not ours. So if you see a few stretch marks on your partner you are with the right person. This person really wants to please you!

So in closing, here are a few more reasons to date an average looking person.....

Always willing to be flexible to accommodate your schedule.

Always has that extra little bit of money you need in the checkout line at the store. What am I saying? We'll go to the store for you.

Always notices the new haircut, hair style, new dress, new clothes, shoes or any other change you make.

Always likes whatever change you make.

Which movie did you want to see? We don't care, we'll LOVE it!

That also goes for which club you want to go to and what did you say you wanted to watch on TV?

Need some errands run, car washed or have your oil changed? We have time for that.
Have something that needs to be done around the house? We will find or buy the tools needed, we are very handy.

Did your dog swallow a ring and someone has to follow the dog around until it comes out. Where are my glasses?

No time to cook dinner? No problem, we love to cook! we also have to do the dishes. After all it's only fair, we're the ones who got them dirty!

All I'm saying is there is no limit to what we will do to be with you. All you have to do is appreciate it, date no one else and throw us a little sumpin sumpin every once in a while.

Now isn't that simple?

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