Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Need A New Car

My trusty 1994 Honda has 420,000 miles on it at the time of this writing. I bought it new in August of 1995. My plan is to buy a new car in August of this year.

By the time I get a new car I will have driven my Honda for the same length of time I was married to the mother of my children. Which by the way is the longest I was ever in a relationship and only one year longer than I have been single.

Then I got to thinking, I need a girlfriend to.

I also realized the reason why I've been single and driving the same car for so long. Buying a new car and finding the right woman to be in a relationship with are very similar.

The process of finding one is nerve-wracking.

If money is no object you can have whatever you want.

If you get one because you can you don't appreciate what you have.

When you first start looking, appearance is everything.

Appearance shouldn't be everything.

You have to consider what its going to take to maintain this thing.

If you had to work hard for it you appreciate it more.

If you take care of it properly, you can keep it forever.

Even when you have a nice one, sometimes you think theres something else out there you might want.

Its not a good idea to compare what you have to the newer models.

Most people wait too long before doing the required maintenance.

If you wait too long to do the maintenance its going to fall apart.

The best way to get into a collision is to not pay attention.

If you've been in a major collision sometimes its never right again.

You can total the thing and lose your entire investment with one bad decision.

So all I'm saying is I just want something that looks pretty good, will last forever and won't let me down.

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